LOT88 is a spacious art gallery, auction room and event space, a true haven in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

This 2,500 sqft oasis will evoke your senses and awaken your inner appreciation of aesthetics. We welcome you to drop by and enjoy a refreshment or two as you slowly savour in the beautifully artworks on the walls while listening to chill music and inhaling organic essential oils.

Awake your senses


Art gallery




Our lounge seating area is comfortable and relaxing in a home-like environment. Ideal for
an informal meeting or a gathering for good friends, it makes a great meeting place to
relish in a glass of wine or take a break with
cup of coffee or tea.






Sound system


Taste a cup of coffee or tea from our Formula One inspired V8 engine-art Espresso maker. Our limited edition coffee machine is not only a work of art and talking piece, it really makes a great cup of coffee and Rooibos tea.


Whether you're a top chef or amateur cook, you can try out your special recipes with our professional oven and range. Impress your friends and dazzle your family with a pop-up kitchen concept and sit down dinner for 8 to 80.