Whether you want to liquidate your wine stock, sell off your estate treasures or raise funds for a charity, Lot88 is available to assist you all the way. We are experts in pricing, marketing and creating bespoke auction services to give you a total seamless approach to a fun and fruitful auction experience. 


With one of the few experienced valuers in Hong Kong, we can assess and give you accurate valuations on anything from antique vases to contemporary art work  and everything in between. 


In house branding and marketing
experts  will be on hand to create catalogs and print materials as well as online and social media presence to
promote your event and attract people in to bid on all items.

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Our owner and seasoned auctioneer has been in the auction business for over 30 years, so you can safely trust that we can deliver an auction to fit your criteria and one that rivals the big name auction houses in the world.